awesome blogger award//


dear universe,

I’m back, it is literally the next day but I couldn’t help myself plus i felt really bad that it had taken me so long to get to this. so here i am.


  • thank the person who nominated you
  • include the reason behind the award
  • include the banner in your post
  • tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the reader
  • answer the questions your nominator gave you
  • nominate at least five awesome bloggers
  • give your nominees ten new questions to answer
  • let your nominees know they’ve been nominated!

mucho gracias Jenny! it is a pleasure to do this post and I am sorry it took me so long to get around to it. you are truely an awesome blogger and i love reading your work.

the awesome blogger award was originally created by maggie @dreaming of guatemala . this is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. they have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger. ~~~coffeelovingbookoholic

1) if you ever told someone you loved them, would you want them to remember?

yes, if I told someone i loved them i meant it and it would hurt me honestly if they forgot that i loved them.

2) stay up late or wake up early?

stay up late all the way, I am a huge night owl.

3) how would you describe your aesthetic?

dim light, dying flowers, small pops of calm colors, ice and coffee.
4) do you think graffiti is vandalism or art?

art, mostly. some graffiti is plain out wrong.

5) last song you listened to?

psycho, by Post Malone.

6) do you want to get married?

yes, i hope to one day marry an amazing man who really loves me and really loves God and have children.

7) leather jacket or hoodie?

you will usually find me in a hoodie however if i had a choice leather jacket all the way.

8) how would you describe yourself physically, in the three words?

short, wired and unique.

9) what is one of your nervous habits?

I will alternate bouncing my leg and playing with my hands. i just recantly broke my old habit of biting my nails.

10) if you could change your name, what would it be?

i would probably use my middle name instead of my first.

Cianna pronounced see-on-uh.

I believe almost all my followers have already been nominated so i’ll just nominate my brother;) Cason. i’ll let him know verbally that he has been nominated. i’ll also nominate a few others and if you have already done this tag you are not obligated to do it again.

my brother/Cason




my mother/Maria

here are my questions!

1. if you where given the ability to survive for one year without one thing we need to survive what would it be?

2. if a stranger where to give you a lot of money and tell you to use it wisely but call you by the wrong name, would you take it or tell them they are mistaken?

3. what was the last food you ate and why?

4. if you where given the ability to either stay at the level of fitness you chose or fly which would you choose and why?

5. what is one random event you wish you had never attended?

6. in seven years what are 4 things you want to have acomplished?

7. if on this day you where told you could have the job you wanted and be whatever you wanted to be now would you take the offer or finish school and see where it took you?

8. what is your favorite song right now and why does it mean something to you?

9. who is your favorite celebraty right now?

10. since everyone i tagged knows me, what is one sentence you would use to describe?

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