Dear Universe,

good morning! It’s really like noon but o well, you get me. 😉 this post is kinda going to be like a 2018 goals post/ a 2018 to-do/to-buy list. 🙂 I wanted to be a bit different and have some fun with my “new years” post. hope you enjoy my goals and ideas.

•GOALS• 2018 •PLANS•

•start a YouTube channel, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and might be able to now and I’m excited. let me know in the comments below some videos you’d like me to film and I’ll post a link for my YouTube once I have a few up!

•get 100 followers on here 🙂

•post regularly, and have a schedule.

•start a bullet journal! I love bullet journals so so much and I haven’t done one in a while but I’m thinking about starting one. if you haven’t done a bullet journal before definitely look some ideas up on Pinterest and start your own!

•perfect my eyeliner, this is a smaller goal but a big one too. I’ve never been very good at eyeliner and I want to get better.

•redecorate my room/reorganize, I might actually be starting this today. yay!

•be able to sing “never enough” from the greatest showman flawlessly… :)) I always love working on my voice even when the goal is a hard one.

•work on my health and fitness, I’ve been extremely lazy recently and I’m starting to notice in my weight and how I feel. I’ve also been eating a lot of junk food and I need to stop. :/ this will be a hard one even though it shouldn’t be.

•getting up earlier… I’m a night owl and I am not a morning person at all lol.

I will do my best to do a post later when I’ve gotten somewhere on these goals. also some of those on this list and the one below could have been on the other but idk;) I’m weird.

•to-do• 2018 •to-buy•

•save over 1,500 dollar’s, I want to be able to get a decant car when I get my license in about a year.

•get some nice furniture for my room, I want to get a different bed and I have a room redo idea I’ve yet to complete;)

•make a bed frame, my grandpa makes guitars and furniture and is really good at it. I want to get his help to make a bed frame that has drawers under it and doesn’t have a head-board or foot board… idk if that makes sense but if I get it done I’ll post a picture.

•I want to buy a better journal for my bullet journalism, this one is random but will actually probably take me the longest to get lol.

•I want to buy wellness notebook where I can keep track of what I eat and stuff.

•I want to but a makeup organizer shelf thingy I saw once.

welp, that’s all for now. I’m going to insert some random pictures from the past couple weeks.


I uploaded a lot lol but o well:)

I promise I’m wearing pants😁

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