Dear Universe,

Sitting in my living room hoping for my phone to ring, for me to answer and it be you simply wanting to hear my voice as much as I want to hear yours. But I’ll never tell you that, ill never tell you how much I wish I was in your arms right now, how much I wish my hand wasn’t empty, how much i wish you were present. Sometimes I wonder if you are not a dream and some day I’ll wake up. I miss you terribly and I’m sure it hasn’t been that long but it feels like forever since we spoke with every minute that passes it feels like an eternity. I can still feel the warmth  around me sometimes when I’m falling asleep or the sound of your voice when I’m missing you the most.

♡《《Empty room, empty heart. Thoughts whirling, brain blurring. Mind overreacting, body backtracking》》♡

I know I’m probably annoying but one day you’ll see it’s because I care. I know I’m probably not as pretty as someone else you know but I promise I care for you deeper then she ever will. I’m not the best out there, I know that for a fact, how? Because you are and there can be only one. I promise I care too much and I promise I’ll never stop. I promise I’ll always want you next to me no matter what. I hope we always stay best friends when if we don’t always stay together. I hope you understand, I can barely stand… your intoxicating.


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