q & a part two

What’s your favorite song?  Right now it’s Malibu by Miley Cyrus (just an fyi this is the only song I like by her)

What color might you for your hair next? Probably something similar to what I already have because I really like the color.

What would be your dream destination to travel in the world? Hmmm… I’ve always really wanted to go to Europe but also the place were they filmed the shire would be fun.

What is your favorite song to sing or play on an instrument? Hmm… it have to be a tie between Malibu and one of the songs I wrote called Drowning.

What’s your favorite book? Harry potter.

What’s your favorite movie? Uh…. Idk I love action movies tho like the Bournes, 24, and stuff like that.

What makes you happy/sad? Happy- asthetic pictures, quite peaceful outdoors, spontaneous kindness, happy endings, flower crowns, geniune smiles, perfect choreography…. Sad- scars, seeing others sad, when others get diapointed in me, mean words, suicidal thoughts, knowing something I shouldn’t, knowing no one will ever love me for me, knowing that he will never love me like I love him….

Welp that’s all I got….


Random but my friends are amazing y’all.


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