◇•sick and in need of sleep•◇                                    q & a part one.

*Flops onto couch and puts headphones on*

Today is a listen to music and move as little as possible type of day… buy anyways I’m going to do a question and answer post XD

Comment some questions and I’ll do another post and answer as many as I can:)

(Please try and have fun but don’t over do it XD I’m not one for being able to concentrate for long time periods)


Welp, I did just see a 5 pet peeves post so I thought hey I’ll do that to:)

(I don’t get angery very easily and even If i do I calm down pretty quick so… let’s see how this goes)

Here are 5 pet peeves of mine;

1. When people say I’m fakeing an injury/cold/sickness.

I happen to hate this… a lot. I’m also laying on the couch with a cold right now and kinda hoping I don’t have to go to the swim team awards ceremony tonight.

2. When people make stupid rules.

Okay. I get it when a rule is made to keep me safe or for a reason. I dont get dumb rules that simply restrain people. Like “you must leave your bedroom door open if your on an electronic device” or “you may not go out with friends if there is one more guy then girl”

3. When I get a barely disable sunburn that hurts like crap.

I happen to have one right now and you can see pink on my cheeks but that’s it. Usually that means it doesn’t hurt so people assume it doesn’t but it really really does.

4. When people say “_____…nvm” and don’t tell you what they were going to say.

I hate that so much… mostly because I’m a curious person. Like I’m extremely curious… but anyway…😂

5. When you think you’ve gotten over someone and you see them again like “😗🤤🤑😱😳” okay nvm i still care… a lot.

O gosh I love ____ so much it’s not even funny. Why😂

Remember comment your questions☺


2 thoughts on “◇•sick and in need of sleep•◇                                    q & a part one.

  1. Q and A yaaaass.

    okay so what is your favorite song?
    what color might you dye your hair next?
    what would be your dream destination to travel to in the world?
    what is your favorite song to sing and/or play on an instrument?

    this is all i could think of rn, but i’ll email you more if i come up with them XD




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