love that goes beyond mistake

Dear universe,

I was told to write love letters to my friends and so I’m going to! I really do love my friends so much and I hope this shows a glimpse of how much. Here we go XD

Hmm… to start. MCKENNA!! You were the one who asked me to do this post🤣💘

Dear Mckenna,


You are seriously one of my closest friends. You are always there for me and I always know you’ll be honest with me even if it hurts. Heaven knows how many times we’ve been painfully honest with each other. Your so amazing gurl, no joke. I love everything about you from your personality to your faith and smile. I can always count on you to be true to you. Your so beautiful! Like honestly girl your so beautiful not only outside but inside as well. You always seem to brush of complements about your looks so I’m just gonna tell it straight up😁 your like perfectly tan, not to dark not to pale, your tall but not to tall and it reminds me of a model the way your body is built, your smile is breathtaking it always makes others happy, your eyes are like…. a deep untold story that sits there waiting to be read..  there just so captivating, your face in general is just gorgeous from your sprinkling of tiny freckles to your perfect little nose XD

I love you so so much 😘 Stay strong love.

Dear Loren,

Ok to start, I honestly love you so so much more then I know how to say. Your so vulnerable and honest with me and I love it so much. I love how good you are with words and how many things you’ve told me that have stuck with me and I still remember. Your very beautiful and so amazing inside and out. We have so many inside jokes it’s great. I have so many great memorys like deciding what magazine each person in are class should be in some day when we were incredibly hyper and it was like 4 am. I still remember almost murdering you with a baseball and I’m still incredibly sorry for that. I remember laying on your deck laughing so hard our sides hurt and telling Quinn and Cole that if they were to lay down they’d see that when your laying down everything is 10× funnier.

Your so incredibly talented in so many ways. Your art is amazing, your photography is on point, your decorating and creating skills are so far over my head like seriously. XD I love you so much dear😘

Dear Kelsie,

We are so dang close it’s insane XD

We say the same thing at the same time sometimes. We come up with the weirdest things. We have so many things in common. We are both so… Idk. We’ve even had some of the same crushes. You always seem to understand completely even if it means you need to verbally slap me in the face you do it and I come out better. I love you so so much and I’m so glad I have you. Your honestly so beautiful and wonderful inside and out. Your one of the sweetest people I know. You mean so much to me, gosh girl if only you knew. Your such an amazing dancer and friend. From trampolines to M.A.D class you’ve always been amazing and I hope we have quite a few years ahead of us💘🤣

I love my best friends so much❤🙄


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