《•new house picture dump•》

Dear universe,

A month and a half ago I moved to a new house :p

It’s was a trying experience because I didn’t want to change location but we needed more space so I wanted to move at the same time. It’s always a stressful time to move. Trust me, I know. I’ve moved over 20 times, lived in 3 different states, and gotten used to long road trips. I like change… sometimes. I prefer changes to other be small and many or large and few. This move however was just the start of some big changes in my life. Some of them being;

▪Switching form homeschool to public

▪Moving *duh know I already said that*

▪Turning 15 “ahhh”

▪Working with my dad more often

▪Geting a phone as well as paying for it…

Anyway. Enough of that I’m writing this post to show you some pictures of my new house. (This post is mostly focused on the outside. I’ll do another post about the inside sometime)

《This is a picture from my backyard futuring my house》

《Above is my travel buddy Molly and I》

《Below is the sun coming in through the door leading out to the balcony just perfectly》

《Below is a tree》

《Below in the front yard is a little rocky pathway place next to the drive way》

《Below in the front yard is a tree》

《Above are…♡ Flowers!!》

《Below are some flowerson the back patio》

《Below is me and my dog because I love her》

《Below is my dog and I trying to be photogenic》

《Below are Vines *I swear I live in some type of story book right now*》

《Below is the sun playing with my hair》

《Below is the sun playing with my hair some vines and the temputure》

《Below is the sky and some vines》

《Below is this lovely swinging bench that is located inside the terrace》

《Above is a blue metal ladder connected to the small swing set we have》

《Below is a picture of a lovely arch made from branches that I decided to take a picture under》

《Below is the lovely terrace type thing that’s currently draped in vines》

《Below is a lovely bush next to the fire pit and my shoe:D》

《Below the firepit》

《below the balcony above the balcony steps》

《Below are the stairs leading up from my basement》

《Below is a pretty willow tree the sun was playing with》

《Below are some lovely stone steps we have because I’m obsessed with stairs as you’ve probably noticed》

《Below we have a picture of part of my back yard》

This concludes my blog post for today.

🖤Live life to the fullest my loves🖤


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