no name

Dear universe,

Since I’ve been having a hard time finding things to post about I dicieded to get suggestions. I don’t have many followers so I may not get much but hey some is better then none right?

What do you think I should make a post about?

Let me know in the comments♡


5 thoughts on “no name

  1. i think you should get loren or someone to take pictures of your hair and what it looks like rn 🙂

    otherwise, maybe any art you’ve done. i also think it would be really cool if you did a post about your best friends and wrote them a love letter. you’re really good with words so that would be really sweet.



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  2. Write a letter to Jesus. What would you ask him? What would you thank him for? What would you tell him about yourself (not that he doesn’t already know it all, but… :))?

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