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dear universe,

I have a weird taste in music… actually technically I don’t even have a taste. See I have moods and depending on that mood I could be listening to all out punk rock or a Disney princess song. 😂

Now here’s a few different playlists I might listen to depending on my mood;)

Playlist one:

Beauty and the beast by Ariana Grande and John Legend, All of Me by John Legend, Counting stars by One Republic, 7 Years by Lucas Graham, See You Again by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth, On Call Away by Charlie Puth, Wait On Me by Rixon, Shape of you…

Playlist Two:

Sugar plum fairy dance and every Disney song in existence😁

Playlist three:

friend, please, twenty-one pilots, the light behind your eyes my chemical romance, believe yellowcard,throne bring me the horizon, johnny boy twenty one pilots, missing you all time low,welcome to the black parade my chemical romance, body bag beartooth, truce twenty-one pilots, Saturn sleeping at last…


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