100 reasons.

Dear universe,

Recently life’s been hard for me and I have needed some encouragement. That’s exactly what my best friends have given me. I honestly love them so much. They mean the world to me. I think people should appreciate there best friends more. They are important.

The reason this post is titled one hundred reasons is because that’s the reason I’m alive. The reasons I’m alive really only come out to a total of two, there names are Kelsie and Loren. They have done so much for me i can’t even put it into words. A few things in particular they’ve done for me are;


•Give me 100 written reasons to stay alive.

•Smile and tell me it was okay even though we both knew it wasn’t.

•Simply listen

•Give me joy

•Make me laugh

•Show up

•They have never left me

•Show me what it means to be a true friend

•They spend a lot of them listening to my long messy rants

•Text me random song lyrics to make me smile

•There just there and I know the always will be


Thanks to all the best friends out there! Your amazing! I love you! Smile!



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