my talented friends

Dear Universe,

My friends are so talented, seriously. My best friend Loren photographed a picture of me wearing a flower crown she made, then another friend of mine drew it! Chain reaction. 😮

XD I love their ability and the fun I have with them!

Thanks Loren for taking lovely pictures of not so lovely me and showing me how to make flower crowns. Thank you Allison for painting it and allowing me to show my little blogging world its lovelyness. ❤ (Her blog is

P.S Speaking of talent my other best friend Kelsie will be performing as a flying monkey, a emerald city princess, and a tornado in her studios performance of the ballet version of The Wizard of Oz! She is such an amazing and beautiful dancer that it blows my mind❤ Love her


15 thoughts on “my talented friends

      1. Even if I didn’t already know y’all were friends, I could guess by these comments. 🙂
        Beautiful blog, Bethany! Actually, all three of you have wonderful online worlds!!
        ❤ ❤

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