Dear Universe,

I love art, paint, getting messy(most of the time), night, trees, animals, and flowers so this painting pretty much describes me. Yes, i did paint this. No, its not very good.

Art is very simple really. All though most try to make it all complacated. My mother is an amazing artist so untill about a year ago, i didnt like art. Why? Ever since i was young my mother would try to teach me art, give me classes, sign me up for them and all of that ‘good’ stuff. So that ruined it for me until i began teaching myself and finding my own style. (which is weird)

Thanks for listening to me rant a tad LOL 🙂 XD


7 thoughts on “Art

  1. i love this painting. it amazes me every time i see it.

    same, my dear! my mom was always trying to give me art lessons, and i decided i hated art because of that. but now my sketchbook and i are inseparable. it’s all N’s fault, he made me like art — which isn’t really a bad thing at all. 🙂

    xo loren


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