The most important things

Dear Universe,

Two years ago i came back to homeschooling after two years of public schooling. It was the start of my 7th grade year i that came to CKC (Creative Kids Coop). I began the year expecting to be an outcast again and thought of as weird and overly social as usual. However i was met with a surprise, the kids in my class were just as excited to try to make friends with me as i was with them. They excepted me and were kind to me. Over that year i became better friends with that class then i had ever been with anyone before. Over the summer i realized what special friends i had and how important the were to me, i made up my mind to never go back to public school again. Ever.

Fast-forward to the beginning of 8th grade year. I wasnt sure when i came back to coop for a second year if they would be as excited to see me as i was them. They were! Over this past year i became even closer with my class especially two of the girls in my class. Those two girls had become my best friends in the entire world. I have shared many things with them that have never even reached my parents ears. They meant the world to me, still do. Five days ago was the last week of coop. I knew leading up to it that it would be hard to go on without seeing them every week, it would be hard to live really. I didn’t realize how badly this would hurt me until my parents and I decided that i would be going to public high school. Because until this moment i had thought i would be going to the coops high school support group and during the school year i would still see them every week… now i relize that wont be happening. It’s hard to explain what i mean when i say that i literally can’t live without them but i know that at least one of me friends (her nickname is Noren)  will understand. I cried on the last day of coop and that night at Norens house (although i tried to be as silent as possible so she would think i was asleep) and every night since. I wasnt able to sleep saturday and sunday night ( i was a walking zombie at church) and i am still on the verge of tears whenever i think about it. (im sorry i know im very sentimental)

I’m going to write a quick note to three of the most important people in my life right now, im pretty sure only one will actually read it<3

Dear Queen Muffin(don’t ask),

I know you’ve been through a ton this year and I really wish could have been there better for you. Your so beautiful, talented, kind, and amazing. You mean so much to me and i don’t ever want to lose you. You have been one of the reasons im alive right now, youve showed me kindness and you’ve understood me. Thank you so much!

Hold on please. I  love you sooo much<3 XD

Dear Monica,

Your so happy and full of energy its adorable. I love how smily and energetic you are! I know you will go very far in life and i hope im there to see it<3

I love you bunches ❤

Dear Skittles,

I hope I didn’t freak you out this year. I want you to know how special you are to me and how much you have done for me. Your one of the reasons im alive.

I love you.

Now that ive made my first post way to long, thanks for reading. ❤


3 thoughts on “The most important things

  1. i’m definitely going to miss seeing you every week, but my mom said that since i’ll be going to public school, hanging out with friends is going to be really important. hopefully i’ll be seeing you a lot this summer. 🙂

    i fell asleep pretty quickly that night, so i didn’t hear you crying. i wish i had been awake so i could help you. i’m sorry.

    thanks for the note — and all the weird nicknames you’ve given me. XD


    i love you. stay alive, dear. ♥

    xo loren

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