Dear Universe,

I guess you should know a little about me. Here are some things about me.

  • I LOVE TOP, P!@D, MCR, and WAH.
  • I LOVE music, singing, running, basketball, art, photography, reading, and dance.
  • I am emo, punk, and awkward XD
  • My favorite colors are Black, Grey, Dark blue, Dark purple, and Red.
  • I have 5 younger siblings and i am the oldest child in my family due to a miscarriage.
  • I have two best friends Loren and Kelsie. They are AMAZING!!! I
  • I have blue/ green/ grey/ purple/ yellow/ brown eyes. (they change color)
  • My hair is naturally brown but is currently Dark purple/ Bright red depending on the lighting.
  • I am literal, sassy, loud, opinionated, emo, and weird… very.

Not sure what else to say… OH!

  • I write songs and hope to become a famous singer one day.

Thats all i can think of hope its enough or not to much. XD


5 thoughts on “Me

  1. hey b. if you ever have any ideas for blog names could you email them to me? I want to start one as well and I love the name of yours 🙂


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